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In 2013, John Freiss, a man who lost his sight in the 1990s, discovered The Seeing Eye and applied to be a candidate for a service dog from their foundation. He was so happy to be accepted and went through extensive month long training and was matched with a wonderful labrador retriever named Hero.  John was an international business man and Hero immediately changed his life. Hero and John were inseparable and accomplished so much traveling to many countries together.  It was a beautiful partnership.John was so much more independent and he loved this freedom that Hero brought to him.Tragically in 2018, John died of an undiagnosed heart defect. Hero retired from his working life and went to live with John's brother, Jim Freiss. Jim was devastated by the loss of his brother. But he came away with the positivity of John's experience with The Seeing Eye and decided to honor his younger brother by trying to help others who face sight impairment like John. 

Puppy Ride Long Island was born out of the sad days following John's passing. In 2018, there wasn't a name to Jim's philanthropic endeavor, but he went out and spread the word about The Seeing Eye. He dedicated Endurance events to bring awareness to the guide dog organization and fundraising for them. 

Puppy Ride Long Island is made of up an enthusiastic group of endurance athletes who dedicate free time to fundraising for The Seeing eye, Inc. The Seeing Eye is the oldest guide dog foundation in the USA. They breed, train and match talented dogs with sight impaired and blind individuals to improve their mobility and independence. In The Seeing Eye's 94-year philanthropic history, they have paired just over 18,000 dogs with deserving program participants. Learn about our group by exploring the links at the top of this page, and if you can, support us in our upcoming events!

A brief history from 2018-Present

  • In 2018, Jim dedicated a 100 mile ultra-marathon run to John and The Seeing Eye, and in 2020, he rode solo across New York from Battery Park, NYC, to Buffalo, NY in John and The Seeing eye's name. 

  • In 2021, friends who had supported Jim's charity through their monetary contributions, approached Jim and asked to join in on the adventures. That year, 5 riders bicycled from Washington, DC to Pittsburg, PA with Jim increasing fundraising and expanding exposure for The Seeing Eye through his selfless friends. 

  • 2022's fundraising event grew to eight cyclists who rode from Cincinnati, Oh to Cleveland, OH. 

  • In 2023, a new and exciting endurance challenge traveling from Niagara Falls, Canada to Long Island NY is in the planning stages for August. 

  • So far, five years after Jim began this athletic venture, more than $75,000.00 has been raised to benefit The Seeing Eye. 

About The Seeing eye, Inc

All we do, we do for them, and all of the people's lives they have impacted and changed through their work! Please click the link below to visit the Seeing Eye's website and learn more about them. 

The Seeing Eye

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