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Welcome to Puppy Ride Long Island!

Going The Distance for the Puppies
Please help us spread the word about The Seeing Eye, Inc. - the oldest guide dog foundation in the world and be generous if you can with your support!
About The Seeing Eye, Inc.

Lovely video showing why we do what we do for The Seeing Eye.  

What's next for the Puppy Riders?

August 17th through August 25th 2024!  Follow our ride in 2024!  Click on "View Full Version" to the see the route! We are now planning an epic week in August riding north from Boston to the Canada along the Maine coast!

Puppy Riders In The News
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Previous Events:

Learn a little about our previous events!  This year was our best so far with a trip from Niagara Falls to Long Island on the bikes followed by a 240 mile trail run by Jim Freiss in Utah.  These two events combined, raised over $43,000 for The Seeing Eye!

New 7 New York Interview - Puppy Ride Long Island 2023

Talk to us about Puppy Ride Long Island:

In the link above, please scroll down to play a recent Podcast by Jim Freiss about the Puppy Ride and some of his athletic endeavors. 

A recent article about Puppy Ride founder and Moab 240

Puppy Ride Mission Statement

Puppy Ride Long Island exists to spread awareness about guide dogs at The Seeing Eye, Inc who through their work and placement, greatly impact deserving people's lives. Puppy Ride Long Island exists to fundraise directly for The Seeing Eye, Inc. All event costs are paid for by the individual participants. 100% of the charitable donations we receive go directly to The Seeing Eye, Inc to support their operating budget and endowment. 

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